APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

Frequently Asked Questions

We have questions regarding certain functionalities in the e-Gov application. Where can I get detailed help?


1. What are the different terminologies that are used by KTU?

  • Program - This indicates the programs offered by KTU

    Example: B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA etc

  • Program Category - This is a broad categorization for the programs

    Example: Engineering, Management etc

  • Program Level - This is the level of the program (undergraduate/post graduate)

    Example: UG/PG

  • Branch/Stream - This indicates the branches/streams offered in the programs

    Example: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc

  • Course - This is the actual subject/paper defined in the curriculum of each program

    Example: Advanced Mathematics, Power Electronics etc

2. Which browsers does the e-Gov Platform for KTU support?

e-Gov Platform for KTU works on Firefox (3+) and Chrome browsers.

3. What is to be done if the username or password is lost?

You can click the link Forgot Username/Password. On entering the registered email id, the username will be sent to you by email.

In the case of password, we will reset the password and communicate to you the new password.

You can then log-in with your new username/password and change the password using the Change password link.